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This is the source for authentic Safety Harbor gear.  


New items will be added periodically, so check back often. Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions you may have, we'd love to hear from you!


We currently are offering the following items, below each item is a description and cost.


The bumper stickers are specifically made for outdoor use (of course you can use them indoors as well).  They are resistant to rain, wind, and sunlight.  They are also fade resistant for 3-5 years and are even dishwasher safe. 


The magnets are high quality, durable, vibrant, and strong.  Use them on the fridge, your car, or anything metal!


The buttons are metal with a solid, safe, closing pin.


All prices are in U.S. Dollars, already include tax, and include shipping in the continental U.S.  To order just email us at PursuingSozo@gmail.com and let us know the item(s) you'd like, how many, and the shipping address.


We'll send you a Paypal invoice.  Once the product(s) have been paid for, we'll get them shipped out to you (from Safety Harbor) within 1-2 business day.


Please don't hesistate to contact us via email or the contact form on with any questions.


The above bumper sticker, Safety Harbor Compass Coordinates Rectangle, is approximately 3" high by 11.5" wide with white background, black lettering, brownish compass rose and white coordinates for Safety Harbor.  Perfect for your vehicle or outdoor fridge!! $4 each.


BUY Safety Harbor Compass Coordinates Rectangle bumper sticker - $4 each.


The above bumper sticker, Safety Harbor Flag Letters Rectangle, is approximately 3" high by 5" wide with a gray background and American Flag lettering.  $4 each.


BUY - Safety Harbor Flag Letters Rectangle - bumper sticker. $4 each.


The Safety Harrbor Pirate Manatee magnet comes in two sizes, 5" x 5" and 3" x 3".  This is one of our best sellers!!


The big 5" x 5" magnets are $7 each 

The 3" x 3" magnets are $3 each


You'll love these magnets!!


BUY - Safety Harrbor Pirate Manatee - magnet. $7 each for 5" x 5" and $3 each for 3" x 3".

Yes, we all love our little town of Safety Harbor just like this manatee.  This is a 5" tall x 3.55" wide magnet that's sure to light up your fridge or look great on your vehicle.  Show how much YOU love Safety Harbor too - $6


BUY - Safety Harbor Manatee Sign - magnet. $6 each.


This 6" wide x 4" tall sticker Safety Harbor Manatee Life Ring shows what's best to do in the Harbor - just relax.  The colors on this are very vibrant, you'll love them.  $4


BUY - Safety Harbor Manatee Life Ring - sticker. $4 each.

Our chillaxing Safety Harbor Manatee Life Ring is also available as a 2.75" wide x 1.75" tall button.  Very vibrant colors, perfect for a backpack, gym bag, beach bag, or even fishing hat!  $3


BUY - Safety Harbor Manatee Life Ring - button. $3 each.

Who doesn't need a little faith to conquer some fear in life??  This Fear Faith Fish sticker is a reminder of that.  It's 3" wide x 1" wide, so it's small enough to put on just about anything, and for only $1.50 how can you go wrong??


BUY - Fear Faith Fish - sticker. $1.50 each.

The Fear Faith Fish also comes in a 2.75" wide by 1.75" tall button!  It's a good sturdy button, put it on a bag, or jacket, or book strap (especially before a test!)  $3 each.


BUY - Fear Faith Fish - button. $3 each.

This is a TRANSPARENT 5" tall x 3.67" wide Jesus Names Cross sticker.  The first picture shows what it looks like - white lettering and white cross with clear everywhere else.  But, the second picture shows what it looks like when you put it against a dark background (like a rear car window).  These are perfect for your vehicle windows, a house window, or a mirror to remind you of Jesus.  $4 each.


BUY - Jesus Names Cross - sticker. $4 each.




Safety Harbor Chamber of Commerce

200 Main Street

Safety Harbor




Located in the heart of Safety Harbor, the Chamber is a great place to get all the info you need about Safety Harbor's businesses  and events.


Monday:  10AM - 5PM

Tuesday:  10AM - 5PM

Wednesday: 10AM - 5PM

Thursday: 10AM - 5PM

Friday:  10AM - 5PM

Saturday: 10AM - 2PM

Sunday: CLOSED

Thanks 2019 Wobblers!!!

2020 Gobble Wobble

get ready!


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