Gobble Wobble Route

The Safety Harbor Gobble route starts in the Waterfront Park near the Safety Harbor Marina, and behind the Safety Harbor Spa.


Under the sails in the Waterfront park will be the "headquarters" on event day.  This is where you'll drop off any non-perishable food and monetary donations, as well as sign your required participation waiver, and purchase any available shirts & buttons.  This will also be where the pre-race and post-race announcements will be.


This is an "out and back course", so the Start Line is the same as the Finish Line, which is located in the Waterfront Park on the sidewalk.  Of course, this line will be well marked.


This is an approximate 5k/3.1 mile course - it's not perfectly exact.  So if you are a serious runner and you believe your time is slightly off, don't worry - this isn't an official Olympic event, it's just a casual run.  We don't do timing, but we do have awards for the first few winners.


PLEASE PLEASE - runners go to the front, and if you're really going to run this fast, get to the very front!  JOGGERS AND WALKERS - please stay in the back so the runners don't have to go around you.

After you start, you'll stay on the sidewalk following it through the Waterfront Park.  At the end of the sidewalk, upon leaving the park you'll take a right staying on the sidewalk at N. Bayshore Blvd.

Staying on the sidewalk, keep proceeding all the way down N. Bayshore Blvd.  Please stay safe and stay on the sidewalk, we DO NOT have police blocking off the road, so please stay on the sidewalk.

Once you get to the end of N. Bayshore Blvd, take a right going over the small wooden footbridge into Philippe Park.  There will be a sign directing you into the park.  PLEASE STAY TO THE RIGHT ON THE BRIDGE as there will be two way traffic on it.  Be courteous to others.

After going over the bridge, stay to the left and proceed into the park.  You'll go around a bend to the left, then up a small "hill".  After you pass Count Philippe's grave marker (on left side while going up "hill") look for the turnound.  We'll have a couple of turnaround signs, they'll be near the speed limit signs.  If you miss this, and you come to a STOP SIGN, then that's your backstop knowing that you've gone too far.  We haven't had anyone miss this is in the past (that we know of), but please keep an eye out for these turnaround signs.

Once you cross the turnaround signs, go back the exact way you came.  Go back out the park, over the small wooden bridge, take a left onto N. Bayshore Blvd. (there will be a directional sign), proceed all the way down N. Bayshore Blvd until you see the entry for the Waterfront Park where you'll take a left (another directional sign), and follow the sidewalk in the park until you cross the Finish/Start line.


Thanks 2020 Wobblers!!!

2021 Gobble Wobble

IS ON - get ready!