A great success this year - thanks to the generosity of all the participants.  250 non-perishable food items were donated to the Mattie Williams Center Food Bank to help those less fortunate.  You made a difference!


Please find the 2017 Gobble Wobble Photos HERE, and feel free to download.


We were truly blessed Thanksgiving morning, rain was coming through the area but we were protected, see the satellite image photo at the very bottom of this page that was taken during the event.  If you look closely, Safety Harbor was in the little clear area surrounded by storms.


For those interested in purchasing the 2017 Gobble Wobble logo tshirt please eamil us. We can have one made at any time and in any size.


Please keep checking back to this website during the year for updates for the 2018 Safety Habor Gobble Wobble!




***UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE - 11/20/2017***

Rain is in the forecast - as long as it's not a downpour, the event will still take place.  We will be there accepting food donations for the Mattie Williams Center, so if you decide not to wobble, please still consider dropping off a food donation.



The second annual Safety Harbor Gobble Wobble takes place on Thanksgiving Morning (Thursday, November 23, 2017) starting at 8:00am - SHARP!!! 


This is a fun 5k that you can walk or run (whatever you feel like) that starts at the Safety Harbor Marina, goes north on Bayshore Drive North and into Philippe Park then turns back coming the same route finishing at the Marina (see map below)


This is a FREE - yes, FREE event!!  It's for the whole family (bring the pooch if you like) to enjoy.  We are only asking for non-perishable food donations, if you desire, which will be donated to the Mattie Williams Center.  The food donations are NOT required, just encouraged - let's help others have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


There is not any type of registration required, nor is this event sponsored/endorsed by the City of Safety Harbor.  It's simply a large group of local Safety Harborites who want to enjoy a nice walk/jog in their town before going off to their Thanksgiving festivities.  We'll wobble first so we can gobble later!  Just show up!


There will not be any water nor facilities provided on the route by the Gobble Wobble, however the Marina and Phillippe Park will be open, so you will have access to restrooms and water fountains.  



Once again, for this year, you can purchase shirts (any color, any size, long or short sleeve, or other items with the 2017 Gobble Wobble logo) just email us for details.


Have some extra fun and dress up - we are looking for Turkeys, Pilgrims, Native Americans, and everything Thanksgiving related.


If you have any questions, please click on the EMAIL US link on the left side of this page.


Please remember to bring water, non-perishable food items, and stay safe by staying on the sidewalk.


It was a BIG SUCCESS LAST YEAR and we're expecting even more "wobblers" this year - come out for the fun!!


Get ready for the another fun and relaxed










Thanks 2020 Wobblers!!!

2021 Gobble Wobble

IS ON - get ready!